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Color: The Second Most Important Factor in Diamonds

A few weeks back we wrote about the importance of cut and how it brings out the most brilliance in a diamond. Now, we're back to help explain another factor in diamonds. Color! This is the second most important factor to focus on when looking at diamonds. Color enhances the brilliance of the diamond. There are a few things to know about color; such as the color scale, pricing, and fluorescence. Let's begin! 

Diamond color refers mainly to whether the diamond is colorless or light yellow and brown. This is the range for what is defined as "white" diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) created a standard color scale that they follow (and jewelers follow) when grading a diamond. The range goes from colorless to light yellow and brown. GIA uses an alphabet grading system that starts at D (colorless) and ends at Z (light yellow and brown). 

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Colorless diamonds are the most rare which makes them the most valuable and desired. You can have the same type of diamond in terms of cut, clarity and size and still have a drastic difference in price based on the color. The more the diamond is colorless the higher the price and more rare. 

Another factor that influence diamond color is fluorescence which is commonly found in most diamonds. Fluorescence is a natural aspect in a diamond. To the naked eye, you will not see it but under UV light the fluorescence comes out. If you put it under a black light, the diamond lights up and you'll see the fluorescence.

Blue is the most common fluorescence found in diamonds. With diamonds that are more yellow, a blue fluorescence could help enhance the color and make it more colorless under the sunlight. Yellow, orange, white, and other color fluorescence are more rare in diamonds. Sometimes too much fluorescence can cause the diamond to look cloudy or milky, which decreases it's value.  

Finally, please keep in mind that fancy color diamonds are in a different category and we will get to that later. These are the factors to keep in mind when looking at diamond color and shopping for a diamond; especially if you want a white diamond. First, focus on cut then color. This will give off the most brilliance, sparkle, and shine in a diamond.