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Diamonds Are Forever

It's the month of April and all we have on our mind is DIAMONDS!! How can you not have diamonds on your mind? It's April's birthstone and let's be real diamonds are forever. There's a reason the phrase is around. Diamonds truly do stand the test to time. It's still one of the best pieces of jewelry to include in your own jewelry collection. Some people may disagree these days and say who needs diamonds when there are a host of other gemstones and options for jewelry. This is true. But come on, diamonds go with everything and can't go wrong wearing them. As part of our April diamond celebration, let's take a look at why diamonds are a great choice. 

Diamond Jewelry

Need earrings to go with your beautiful dress, go for the diamond studs. Need a necklace to go with your little black dress, go for the diamond necklace. Diamonds are always in style. They go with everything. Everyone should have some type of diamond earrings or necklace in their jewelry collection. 

You can pass down diamonds from generation to generation. Or maybe your grandma already gave you her diamond ring or jewelry. Something you can wear until it's time to give it to your children. It's an investment for generations beyond your time. You can create a family heirloom with diamonds. 

Diamond Rings

Yes, these days there are other "diamond-like" options such as moissanite, cubic zircon, or even lab grown diamonds. But the reality, at this time and for the past 1,000 years, is a natural grown diamond is an investment. Just like any investment it goes up and down depending on supply and demand. At this time, natural grown diamonds still hold their value. When you have a diamond, you can sell it or trade up for a larger diamond. There are articles online that indicate diamonds are not the best investment. And that holds maybe slightly true for tiny diamonds, but anything above a half carat can be traded in, traded up, or sold. This means over your lifetime, you can get larger and larger diamonds in your collection. Doesn't that sound nice? Get a larger diamond every few years or every year. Or like we said before, pass it down to your children and they pass it down to their children. You may be able to do that with lab-grown diamonds, but as the technology for lab grown diamonds improves, the value of lab-grown diamonds may decrease.

Loose Diamonds

The vibrancy of a diamond are like no other. When the light hits the stone, it radiates with sparkle. Who wouldn't want jewelry with a diamond? It's an all around gem that stands the test of time and can be cherished through generations. Ready to look for some diamond jewelry? Shop for styles or stop in to our Diamonds Are Forever event. Learn more.

Diamonds Are Forever