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Gemstone Discovery: Citrine

Commonly confused with yellow topaz (another November birthstone), citrine is a gemstone of it's own. This beautiful radiant gem is commonly associated with November's birthstone; as well as the stone used to celebrate the 13th wedding anniversary. So, what else is great about this stone? Let's take a look at some interesting facts about this mesmerizing gemstone. 

Most citrine come in a color of pale yellow to yellowish brown hues. The most valuable citrine is known as the madeira citrine which is more of a reddish brown. This hue is mesmerizing to see. 


Citrine is the mineral; quartz. Natural citrine is actually very rare these days. In fact, most citrine in the market are heat treated amethysts; also quartz. Even though most citrines are treated, the natural citrines are still an inexpensive & vibrant alternative stone to yellow sapphire. Yellow topaz is another stone that is interchangable with citrine. 

Citrine Diamond Ring  Citrine Diamond Pendant

According to Chinese feng shui philosophy, it is believed wearing citrine will give abundance and wealth. Citrine is also listed for a lot of healing powers. The wearer can clear their thinking and increase hearing. It's also believed it promotes energy and vitality for the wearer. Whether these are true or not, we can't say. These are just a few of the healing powers of citrine. There are so many wonderful healing attributes to this stone no wonder it's an admired stone. 

Next time you're looking for a gift for a friend or family celebrating their birthday in November, consider citrine. Or if you're celebrating your lucky 13th anniversary, set this beautiful stone in a nice ring or pendant.