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Gemstone Discovery: Rubies

Passion, love, desire, fire, strength are all symbolic words for the ruby. It's that month of the year, where we celebrate the King of Gems! This colored gemstone has a long history and desire in the world. And how could it not with the striking color it exudes.  And why is it that many desire ruby? Let's take a look at the history, lore, and background of rubies to possibly learn why so many people in the world love this gem. 

Rubies are typically mined in Asia. The most renowned and notable rubies are mined in Myanmar, the Himalayas, and Northern Vietnam. Ruby is part of the corundum family, just like sapphires. However, the reason a ruby is not a sapphire is the one element in rubies that make it unique from sapphires: chromium. Corundum in its purest form is clear and transparent. It's the traces of other elements that make the difference. Higher amounts of chromium will produce a more vibrant red in rubies. And the finest rubies found (also most desired) have a pure, vibrant red with a slight purplish red hue. 

Loose Rubies

In sanskirt, ruby is called Ratnaraj which means "King of Gems". Rubies hold the highest price per carat among any other colored gemstone. Not only is it known as the king of gems, but it is believed that it's one of the 12 stones created by God. Early cultures treasured rubies because the color had huge similarities to the blood that flowed through veins which in turn came the belief it had the power of life. 

Ruby & Diamond Dangle Earring

What else is said about ruby? Here are a few more legends and beliefs known throughout history:

  • Hindus created a castes system for the different ruby colors. The Brahmin ruby, the purest and finest color and quality ruby was used among the highest class in Hindu society. It was believed that those possessing the Brahmin ruby had the advantage of perfect safety. 
  • In India, it was believed that those who owned rubies were to live in peace with their enemies.
  • In Burma (Myanmar), which is where most rubies are mined, believed when the warriors carried or had rubies put into their flesh and body, that they were invincible in battles. 
  • Medieval Europeans wore rubies to guarantee their health, wisdom and success in love
  • Present day, rubies symbolizes passion, love, wealth, and success

There's so much information about a ruby and we just touched on a little bit. We could go on about rubies, but we'll leave you with one more fun fact about ruby. The world's largest and known ruby is 18,696 carats or 8.21 pounds that has a cabochon cut and is known as the 125West Ruby.

World's Largest Ruby 

With such a long history and a lot of meaning behind rubies, it's no wonder it's a desired gemstone by many people from different backgrounds. This beautiful gemstone is also known for being July's birthstone and celebrating the 15th & 40th wedding anniversary. Celebrate your birthday or anniversary with this beautiful gemstone in either a pendant, ring or earring. A great way to symbolize the passion you have for your loved one.