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Graduation Gift Guide

It's that time of year, lots of new high school and college students graduating and embarking on a new chapter of their life. What better way to celebrate an accomplishment than with a gift they will remember for a long time. Here is our gift guide to a graduation gifts for your graduate! 

Gifts for her

  • Pearls - These are timeless gifts every woman should have in her jewelry collection and are great gifts to congratulate her on achievements. For those graduating college, she will be able to wear them to her next job interview. For the young women graduating high school, it will be a great start to her fine jewelry collection. 

         Pearl Jewelry

  • Personalized Initial or Name Bar - In recent years, personalized necklaces & bracelets are increasing in popularity. There are some great simple styles that she's bound to wear. Something petite and just for her to remember.  

  • Diamond jewelry - Either stud earrings, diamond pendant, or a beautiful heart necklace. Just like pearls, they are a great gift to give on her achievement and to start her fine jewelry collection that she can wear throughout her life. 

     Diamond Stud Earrings  Double Leaf Diamond Necklace

Gifts for him

  • Cuff links - These are great choices for him because he can wear it with his dress shirts which will give him the professional look especially for a college graduate. High school graduates would also appreciate cuff links because he will have them ready when he begins college internships or for potential job interviews. You can add an extra touch by personalizing it with his initials.  

          Engravable Square Cuff links

  • Watches -  Oddly, watches have increased in popularity the past couple years. Many young adults are buying watches as an accessories for their daily wear and as a statement piece. It's a great accessories to wear day in and day out. 
  • Tie clips  - Just like cuff links, tie clips are a great gift to give for your college graduate. It will prepare him for future job interviews or future networking events that he can wear with his suite and tie. 

In the end, any fine jewelry; either personalized or not; will be a great gift to give your graduate. They will appreciate and remember the gift for years to come. And as an extra tip, you can't go wrong with a gift card. They can choose what they want.