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Guide to the Best Lakeside Wedding

One of the best parts of living in Minnesota is being able to enjoy the 10,000 lakes our state has to offer. Minnesota summers at the lake with all of your friends and family is unlike anything else- it's practically our specialty. What if we told you we were able to wrap up all those fun elements to plan... the ultimate lakeside wedding! 

Well, you're in luck- we were able to participate in an awesome photo shoot that had all the best tips and tricks in creating a lakeside wedding. So, here's your guide to planning the best lakeside wedding:

Location: This one is pretty obvious- it'll be near a lake! This photo shoot was shot at the beautiful Minnetonka Yacht Club. This location was amazing- a small island on Lake Minnetonka but with plenty of space for guests. Like most know, evenings by the lake bring breathtaking sunsets that you and your guests can enjoy. Since there are so many lakes in Minnesota, one has a large number of options when choosing where to tie the knot! Any lake works- maybe the one that has the cabin you've been going to since you were a kid, or the one near your hometown! There are plenty of ways to make the location special to you and your significant other.

Invitations: The invitations that were done for the lakeside wedding were absolutely beautiful and absolutely doable! If you're a master calligrapher, this might be up your alley. If not, you can always seek out an expert or someone you know who can write well!

The invitations were on theme with the colors of the wedding: peach pink, darker pink, sea green, and white! The creator of the invitations drew a beautiful flower on top to match the flora of the wedding, and had colors to match. 

The Wedding Dress: The dress used in this photo shoot was absolutely stunning! For a lakeside wedding, dresses that are flowy, have floral accents, and lace detail go well with the theme. The dress used in this shoot was an A-line dress with a plunge neckline, beaded top portion, and a bit of a trailing train. The back was exposed and had gorgeous buttons and detailing! We loved how the dress looked with the back drop of the lake and scenery. 

Photos on theme: Something that we really loved that the photographer did for this shoot was take photos that were very on theme with a wedding by the lake. A few of our favorites included photos of the bride and groom in beach chairs, which were decorated and dressed up for the wedding! It is such a cute take on life on the lake and a great way to incorporate the theme into your wedding photos in a creative way. Another photo set which was done very well were the photos of the bride and groom on the dock! Such a simple shot that looked amazing with the contrast of the water and sky behind the couple. Another set that was genius on behalf of the photographer were the photos in the boating storage unit. Sounds like an unlikely location, but the photos looked amazing! The colors of the boating equipment with the bride and groom's nuptial attire was very aesthetically pleasing. The last shot we loved the photographer included were the bride and groom in the boating marina by the docked boats.Take a look!

Jewelry: The engagement rings and watches used in the photo shoot were all from us! The bride's ring is a vintage style ring with accents around the center diamond. The groom's ring is a two toned band, and his watch is from the Tempo Di Lugano watch collection. All pieces are classic and beautiful, and sure to be the perfect addition to your wedding day attire.

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Thank you for all those involved in this beautiful shoot. Huge credits to the following with their Instagram accounts so you can follow their amazing inspirational photos: 

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