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The Rise in Popularity of Vintage-Styled Jewelry

Vintage rings are making a definite comeback in terms of people choosing them for their engagement rings. It's become easier to find and buy these pieces, with the internet giving the ability to buy online. Most people actually prefer to buy something that is unique and not mass produced. Not only are vintage pieces unique, they usually have a story and a past to them. The vintage part of the jewelry makes them more interesting and gives them character. Think about jewelry that is passed down in a family from one generation to another: receiving that as a gift and knowing that it was special to a loved one decades before you, makes it all the better. People love the idea that what they are purchasing and wearing has history to it. There are antique jewelry shows in big cities where people can come and auction to buy these rare finds. 

Vintage-styled rings don't always have to be genuinely vintage... Many people who love the look of vintage rings are getting them made to look like the vintage designs. This includes adding old European and mine cut diamonds and floral-inspired motifs and accents to make the rings look vintage with a contemporary twist. Marquise styled diamonds with floral accents are also a popular look! Below are popular vintage styled engagement rings and jewelry that Princess Jewelry offers: 

Vintage Diamond Accent Ring Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Floral Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Diamond Pendant

White Gold Diamond Stackable Ring

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