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Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

Our team specializes in making sure our store is stocked with the most popular and beautiful engagement rings for your special moment. Here are the newest, most popular engagement ring settings you can find here at Princess Jewelry for 2017.

Rose Gold Rings:

Rose Gold rings are looking to be one of the most popular setting colors for 2017. The color is flattering on all skin tones and gives the ring a more feminine and romantic appearance. Almost any ring can come in a rose gold color or hints of it with white gold; all you need to do is ask!

Classic Solitaires:

Classic solitaires are making their way back into the hearts of ring buyers. Sometimes less is more; a thin white gold band with a brilliant cut diamond can be the ultimate ring, with stackable wedding bands, to stand the age of time. Since minimal and simpler looks are trending for 2017, take a look at the different solitaire styles out there, if your bride is looking for a timeless ring to wear.

Splash of Color:

If you are looking for a unique twist on engagement rings, a way to do it is by adding a splash of color. Many customers are adding sapphires to the ring. Blue is a very popular color, but sapphires can also come in almost any color! Another trend is to use the birthstone of the bride, bride and groom, or something meaningful to the couple in a beautiful peek-a-boo setting to make the ring special.

Accent Diamonds:

Many customers have requested accent diamonds in the setting of the ring to personalize the ring for the bride. A popular example that we see often in our store are “baguette” stones being used as accents on a simple solitaire princess-cut rings for a  trendy look. A three-stone setting is also very common. The added bling and sparkle bring an extra flair to the ring for a beautiful and elegant look complimentary to all.


Pear-Shaped Diamonds:

Someone looking for a nontraditional ring might try a pear-shaped diamond cut (sometimes known as a teardrop diamond cut). It offers a more unique alternative to classic diamond cuts, such as princess and round cut diamonds. In addition to being unique, a finely cut pear-shaped diamond will have a high degree of brilliance and sparkle; making this ring the perfect ring for a sophisticated and bold woman.