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Your Guide to a Boho Chic Wedding

It’s the greatest time of the year- wedding season! There are many different types of weddings one can have, it all depends on the couple’s personality and vision for their big day. One very popular wedding theme is a boho wedding: we were recently asked to have our jewelry highlighted in a boho wedding themed photoshoot and we absolutely fell in love with the wedding details. Because of that, we decided to make a blog post for any of you who would like some boho wedding-inspo! (or if you generally just really like stunning wedding photos, which we totally get!)

The Location: A large part of what makes a boho wedding is the nature that is incorporated into the wedding. Large bouquets with overflowing foliage and flora, outdoor greenery where the eye can meet, floral centerpieces, etc. This location is at the Outing Lodge in Stillwater, MN. The more flowers/greenery the better! You can even incorporate the greenery into the bride’s accessories- like this green headpiece pictured below. It’s a great way to make the day feel even more magical and breathtaking. Here are a few of our favorite photos:

The Outing Lodge  The Bees Knees Floral

The Bees Knees Floral The Bees Knees Floral

The Dress: One of the most exciting parts of the wedding process is choosing the wedding dress! Boho dresses tend to have lots of intricate beading/lace/details. We love boho dresses that are flowy and princess-like. You really cannot go wrong with any style of dress you choose- whichever you feel most confident and comfortable in! You can find detail and handcrafted beading in almost any style of dress, so the theme is very versatile and easy! The dresses that model, Grace Mandich wore are from Annika Bridal in Edina. Here are a few of our favorite dresses:

Annika Bridal  Annika Bridal

 Annika Bridal

Annika Bridal- Boho Wedding Dress

Beauty: Boho wedding makeup can be as natural and dramatic as one pleases, depending on the dress you choose! A bold lip with natural eyes, pinky hues, etc., can be used to achieve a whimsical and stunning look. We love the deep maroon lip used in this shoot, especially since it was a fall photo shoot. It’s easy to tie in the colors of the season into the bridal beauty since nature is such a big part of the boho look. Make up and hair was done by the very talented Viktoriyah Taskayeva and Ande St Michael. 

Viktoriyah Taskayeva  


The Rings: Boho rings usually have a more vintage style to them, with lots of details. We loved seeing our rings featured in this shoot. The first one is a classic vintage piece with details around the ring. The second ring is a rose gold “vine” piece, with diamond details. We loved how the band looked like a vine, which tied into the floral theme of the wedding. The last ring is a timeless pear shaped halo ring with diamond details. Absolutely beautiful! The groom was wearing a hammered white gold wedding band to compliment the bride’s ring. Below are the pictures, listed in order. And you can find all three rings in our store or online! 

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring - Princess Jewelry Rose Gold Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear Shape Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Hammered Men's Wedding Band

Boho weddings are so beautiful and hopefully this gives you a look on how to plan your boho wedding! We love seeing our client’s weddings come together with the beautiful rings they select from our store! At Princess Jewelry, we have a wide selection of wedding rings to go with your boho wedding (or any style wedding.) Whether it is a vintage style or classic look, we are confident that we can accommodate to your needs. Shop here for a ring we are sure you’ll love! 


Thank you for all those involved in this beautiful shoot. Huge credits to the following with their Instagram accounts so you can follow their amazing inspirational photos: 

Models: Grace Mandich & Nick Reints (@grace_mandich and @nickreints)

Florals: Sharaya (@fernandfloret - previously @thebeeskneesfloral)

Macrame: Emma & Sarah (@knotandivy)

Makeup: Viktoriyah (@viktoriyah_taskayeva)

Hair: Ande (@andeismeraki)

Bridal: Annika Bridal (@annikabridal)

Stationary - Invite: Jillian (@doodlesbyjillian)

Signage: Abby (@Heartwritten_decor)

Place: The Outing Lodge (@outinglodge)

Photographer: Noukee Fleischmann (@noukeefleisch

Photographers: Annika Parks (@annikaparks_studio)