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Your Guide to Plain Bands

With so many different plain wedding band options, it's hard to tell which you prefer and the difference between all of them. We have broken it down to 5 groups of plain bands and within those groups are subtle style differences. It's important to know the subtle traits for each band to choose the right wedding band for you. Let's begin!

Half Round Wedding Bands

There are two types of half round bands: half round light and half round. Edges are straight and without any comfort. Ring lays flat on the finger with a dome on the outside. The difference between the two are thickness and dome shape. A half round light is approximately 1.17 mm thick; while a half round is approximately 1.55 mm thick. 

     Half Round LIghtHalf Round

Comfort Fit 

Comfort fit wedding bands are rings made to have a round feel against the finger and domed style. The edges are rounded. These type of wedding rings are generally extremely comfortable for most people. And actually most men prefer comfort fit wedding bands because they're not use to wearing jewelry. The comfort fit feature on not only plain bands but other wedding bands are definitely a great option. There are 4 types of plain domed comfort fit: comfort fit, comfort fit with an edge, comfort fit heavy, and comfort fit very heavy. The main difference between these 4 styles is the thickness. For those who want just a little style to their plain band, the comfort fit with an edge would be a great style. 

Comfort Fit LightComfort Fit HeavyComfort Fit Very Heavy Comfort Fit Edge

Flat Bands

If you don't like the dome look, another style is flat bands. There are three styles of flat bands: pipe cut, flat comfort fit, and euro style comfort fit. All offer the same flat band look when seeing it on the finger, but they have a different feel. The pipe cut flat band is as it is named. It's a band that is completely flat with straight edges; flat against the finger and flat on top. A flat comfort fit band is an option for those who want the pipe cut look but with a comfort fit feel. It's rounded on the inside and flat on top. And if you're torn between a flat band or domed band, then the euro style comfort fit may be the best option. The euro style comfort fit band is not completely flat and not completely domed. It's a mix and has a rounded edge against the finger. 

Flat Pipe Cut BandFlat Comfort Fit Euro Style Comfort Fit

Milgrain Bands

The best way to describe milgrain bands are rings with narrow beaded edges. There are small beads all along the edge of the band. This style of band gives the classic plain band look with an extra touch of style. There are 4 common styles of milgrain bands available; milgrain, milgrain comfort fit, milgrain heavy comfort fit, and double milgrain comfort fit. Each offer a different level of comfort. The regular milgrain band is flat against the finger and domed on the outside. All the other milgrain bands with comfort fit are going to be rounded against the finger and vary in thickness. As for the double milgrain comfort fit band, it has 2 rows of narrow beads on the edge. 

Milgrain Band Milgrain Comfort FitMilgrain Heavy Comfort FitDouble Milgrain Comfort Fit

Square Comfort Fit

It is exactly as the name states, it's a square band and plain. If you want something a bit contemporary but plain as well. The surface against the finger is rounded and has a soft square exterior shape. 

Square Comfort Fit     

These are just some of the wide range of plain bands that you could get for you and your significant other. There are other styles that we didn't touch on such as beveled edge, knife edge, flat tapered, flat edge and more. The ones listed here are the standard plain bands that most people choose. It all comes down to finding the style that fits and feels just right for your finger. You'll be wearing it for a long time and want to make sure it's something you love. Need a little help in starting? Check out our collection of plain wedding bands