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Spring 2018 Jewelry Trends

It's the first day of March, the weather is finally getting warmer in Minneapolis, and we are starting to think of all the Spring jewelry trends. From accessories to fine jewelry, we have your guide for jewelry and what to wear this spring. 


Just when you think brooches are of the past, it has re-emerged on the Spring runways. Miu Miu, Celine, and Louis Vuitton were just a few of the designers including brooches in their Spring collection. This was something our grandmas and great-grandmothers wore. Now, you can always see if they still have them in their jewelry collection and possibly inherit them or you can grab a style you love to wear. Go for something bold or simple, both are great!


Rose Gold

Pantone's Spring colors are nude palette which includes shades of rose gold. Rose gold has slowly been trending since 2016, but this Spring it's really picked up. And more and more young women are choosing rose gold for not just necklaces, earrings, and bracelets; but also for their engagement rings. 

   Rose Gold Jewelry

Chain Drop Earrings

Just like rose gold, we saw this have a slow rise to popularity. Chain drop earrings are simple and slick. You can wear them with basically anything and for any occasion. And you can choose rose gold chain drop earrings. It will be a perfect combination of both for Spring! 


Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

We know we've mentioned many times over but really pearls are in style. There were a lot of designers/brands that utilized natural pearls with their runway collections; such as Simone Rocha, TopShop, and Prabal Gurung. Whether it was chunky pearl earrings, necklaces, brooches, or simple pearl styles. Pearls was a huge hit on the Spring runways. So, get out your pearls or start shopping for some pearls and be ready for spring.

Pearl Jewelry  Pearl & Diamond Dangle Earrings 1.04 Ct Tw

Big Button Earrings 

Remember the 80s? Me neither, well I only remember playing outside with friends, learning to bike, and all the usual kid stuff back in the 80s. Didn't pay too much attention to fashion, but I saw pictures. And well, think 80s again this Spring not only with clothing but earrings. Big earrings and big "button" style earrings are trending. I'll be borrowing some from my mom. Those big gold earrings are in and remember these days you can do white, rose, or yellow gold. Doesn't need to be just yellow gold, like back in the 80s. And think lots of geometric large earrings. 


Necklace Layering

We've mentioned this before and we'll mention it again. Necklace layer is still on trend and layering geometric with other styles. Mix and match styles and shapes with your necklaces. This is a big one for Spring. I've always loved layering my necklaces and have been the past 5 years. Grab a simple necklace and pair it with something more bold. 

Necklace   Necklaces

There you have it Spring 2018 jewelry trends. So, while we anxiously wait for all the snow to melt and get ready for spring; we'll spend some time staring at all these beautiful jewels and you can too. Shop now for the latest jewelry trends and get ready for Spring, it's just around the corner!