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Gemstone Discovery: Peridot

"Gem of the Sun", that's what the Egyptians called peridots. Probably because of it's vibrant green color. For centuries, peridot was confused for emerald and many people believe Cleopatra's famous emerald collection was actually peridots! This beautiful gem has been around for centuries and we're about to tell you what's so great about this gem. 

Loose Peridot & Emerald

The first known record of mining emeralds was in Egypt in the Red Sea Island Zabargad (St. John's Island). Peridots from this region were some of the most finest and largest peridots found. In fact, the world's largest peridot ever found, 311.78 carats, was discovered in Zabargad. It can be viewed in the National Smithsonian Muesum in Washington D.C. Peridots are mined all over the world. The most known mine in the United States can be found in Arizona at the San Carlos Apache reservation. 

Peridots are formed in the depths of the earth and usually brought up to the surface through volcanoes. There are a small percentage of peridots (not in the jewelry market & rare to find) that come from meteorites. The gem variety mineral of peridots is Olivine which includes iron and magnesium. Iron causes the light greenish color in the gemstone. The color range of peridots are from a pure green to yellowish green to a brown green. Most commonly found color is a yellowish green; almost reminds you of spring or summer. 

In the past, people believed the wearer of peridot would be protected from terrors of the night. Others would tie peridot to the donkey hair & around their left arm to ward off any evil spirits. Whether or not it worked, people believed it had powers just like other gemstones. 

Peridot Necklaces

For all those born in August, peridot is the birthstone for you. It is also the 15th wedding anniversary gift. Celebrate these occasions with a pair of peridot earrings or necklace. The great thing about peridot is it's an inexpensive and beautiful stone. You can get a beautiful large peridot far less than any sapphire or emerald. A great way to celebrate an anniversary or an August birthday.