How to Build a $2,000 Engagement Ring?

Posted by Edessa on Jul 25th 2017

How to Build a $2,000 Engagement Ring?

On a budget and don't want to break your bank account? These days everyone is looking to find a way to get the most for their dollar. And most think you have to save 2 months salary to get an engagement ring. Well we have some fun tips on building an engagement ring under $2,000. Yes, you heard that right, it's very possible to get an engagement (and a nice one I may say) for under that amount. So, where do we start? 

Choose Simple Engagement Rings

You can find engagement rings with peek-a-boo diamonds, subtle diamond accents or a classic solitaire. These type of engagement rings are usually under $1,000. In fact, the beautiful classic solitaire is usually under $400 and let's add solitaire engagement rings are great for showcasing the diamond. If you get a classic solitaire for under $400 or even under $300; that leaves you with a lot left over to focus on a beautiful diamond. 

14Kt White Gold Rope Engagement Ring

Now, maybe your future fiance wants something more, like diamonds on the side. That doesn't mean it will be difficult. In fact, simple engagement rings with subtle diamond accents or a peek-a-boo diamond are great choices. And may we add it will still display the center diamond beautifully.

14Kt Yellow Gold Round Cut Diamond Accent Engagement Ring   Rose Gold Diamond Accent Engagement Ring

Choose a Diamond Shape Not in Demand

Round and princess (square) cut are and always have been the classic go to diamond shape for any piece of jewelry especially engagement rings. And since it's popular, the demand for those shapes are higher, which means higher priced diamonds. Choosing a diamond shape other than round or princess cut such as oval, cushion, or marquise; will help lower your cost down. Between a round diamond and cushion cut, you can almost save a few hundred dollars; if not more. The best part of the other shapes such as cushion or oval is they are very similar to a round diamond. 

Loose Diamonds

Still want a round or princess cut? That's okay, because there are a lot of great diamonds out there under $1,000 or even under $1,500; depending on the engagement ring you choose. You just need to play with the specifications of the diamond to get there; which brings us to the next tip. 

Play Around with Color/Clarity

One thing we mentioned in an earlier post, is cut is important. This is one factor we believe should be top priority and shouldn't change. It will give off the most brilliance. However, color and clarity is something you can change around and still get the desired diamond you want. You can choose a color range that isn't exactly colorless. Instead, go for the near colorless diamond or just borderline. If you look at our color scale, diamonds between G-J are in the near colorless. When the diamond is in the ring, the difference between G and J color are barely visible to the naked eye. You can find nice diamonds closer to J or K color that still radiate (especially with a great cut) and look colorless. 

Diamond Color Table

And for clarity, well that's something you can be even more lenient on. Clarity are the natural beauty flaws in a diamond. For most people, finding the inclusion with the naked eye is extremely difficult. And people don't walk around with microscopes or loops to examine each diamond on a person's finger. So, why not get a diamond with some natural beauty marks. You can find diamonds that are SI2 (slightly included diamond) with the perfectly placed inclusion that won't be visible to the naked eye. If you're really lucky, you may be able to find an I1 diamond (included diamond) with the inclusions hidden to the naked eye. 

It's all about finding a diamond that is clean to the naked eye. As long as you don't see the natural beauty marks in a diamond and it sparkles (which comes from the cut) then have fun mixing and matching the 4Cs to get a diamond within budget. 

Choose Odd Carat Weights

You would be shocked how much the price can change based on the weight of the diamond. Getting an exact 0.75 or 1.00 carat diamond will be higher compared to finding a diamond that is 0.68 or 0.93 carats. Why focus on the carat size when you can find something comparable and sometimes even better in an odd carat weight. No one will know the exact size. Try not to focus on getting an exact carat weight but something around that size and save a few hundred dollars. 

Go with 14kt or 18kt Over Platinum

Platinum is truly one of the best precious metals to use for jewelry; but if you're on a budget; gold is just as good. If you want the "platinum" look, you can select white gold to create the same look. Gold is also very versatile. You can find it in other colors; yellow, rose, white, black, blue, green, etc. Although, we wouldn't recommend anything except rose, white, or yellow gold for engagement rings. Buying a 14kt or 18kt engagement ring could potentially save you thousands of dollars; depending on the style of the ring. 

Choose a Colored Gemstone

It's not uncommon these days to use colored gemstones in engagement rings. One of the most famous engagement rings in the world is Princess Diana's blue sapphire engagement ring. You don't always need to put a diamond in your ring and a great alternative is using a colored gemstone. Sapphire is very close to the hardness of a diamond and available in multiple colors. You can get sapphires in every color except red. If you don't want to use sapphire, there are an array of colored gemstones that could signify your relationship. We've had couples use Tanzanite, Aquamarine, and Thomasonite in an engagement ring because of the meaning behind it for them. And that's absolutely beautiful! 

Colored Gemstones

In the end, you have to ultimately decide what combination will work for you. But these are just some of the tips you can use to build an engagement ring under $2,000. There are many ways and becoming creative is the best part. Need a little inspiration? Check out our engagement rings under $2,000.