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Shine Bright: It's in the Diamond Cut

The shine, the sparkle, and allure of one of the most beautiful gems in the world: a diamond. Ah, yes, the infamous diamond. Every day someone is looking for a diamond either to put in a necklace, earrings, bracelets or especially in engagement rings. There are so many factors to understand in diamonds but what really makes that diamond shine and sparkle so brilliantly, is in the cut. Cut is defined two ways proportions and shape. We're going to  explore more about both definitions to help you understand what to look for in a diamond you may buy now or in the near future. 

Let's begin with the cut referring to angles and proportions. This is created through a cutter. It's the man-made feature of the diamond. Diamonds cut well will always emit the most brilliance because it allows for the light to enter & reflect in the facets for the best shine. A shallow or deep cut diamond will leak or lose light. Shallow diamonds will look washed out and dark. It goes the same for a deep cut diamond; which will look extremely dark. Poorly cut diamonds will not allow the natural light to enter and reflect off the facets. When you buy a diamond the way the diamond is cut, in terms of angles and proportions, is extremely important in order to bring out the fire, scintillation, and brilliance. 

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Cut can also be defined in terms of the shape of the diamond. Diamonds can be cut in an array of shapes. The most popular and timeless cut diamonds are round and princess (square) cut. These days cushion, oval, and pear are trending along with round cut diamonds. Other shapes include asscher, emerald, marquise, and pear. From all the cuts, the most brilliant is round. 

Round cut diamonds, as of now, has by far the best known angles and proportions to give off the most brilliance. Something to keep in mind when looking for round cut diamonds, an ideal or excellent cut diamond will offer the ideal proportion. You have to make sure the gemological certificate of the diamond states excellent in order for it to be the best cut available. 

If you love the other shapes, such as princess or cushion cut diamonds; something to keep in mind is focus on the polish and symmetry. Generally speaking, when the polish and symmetry on the other shapes are very good, the brilliance will radiate. You can set almost any shape of diamond in any style of engagement ring. Shop our styles to see what your mind can create. 

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Diamond cut is not the only factor when selecting a diamond, but it is one of the most important features to bring out the most brilliance to the naked eye. That's why beautiful diamond always catches the eye. It's cut brilliantly with amazing proportions and angles. Something to keep in mind when shopping for diamonds.