Tips for a Great Winter Wedding

Posted by Amanda on Nov 9th 2018

Tips for a Great Winter Wedding

Well, winter came a bit early in Minnesota and we are now thinking of weddings in winter. We know we know, summer time is the busiest time period for weddings, but, that doesn't mean one can't have their wedding in the other seasons! The least popular wedding season is definitely winter, obviously for the cold weather and snow. Though some parts are a little trickier to execute in the winter, it can make for a beautiful and unique wedding (think Phoebe's impromptu winter wedding in season 10 of Friends!) If you are thinking of having a winter wedding, here are a few tips and tricks to having the best winter wedding ever!


Make sure to keep warm. So, it's going to be cold. Opt for accessories to keep warm, like a cardigan, or a fur stole. A long sleeved wedding dress is also a good way to keep warm! Wearing tights under your dress (if it is a floor-length dress) works to keep your legs warm without anyone seeing the tights. For the groom and groomsmen, velvet blazers works as a way to be trendy but also to keep them warm.

Stay moisturized. If your skin and lips get really dry and chapped during the winter, make sure to prep your skin with heavy duty moisturizer and lips with a really high quality chap-stick. A few really great face moisturizers are the Moisture Surgeā„¢ 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator or the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. Make sure to keep your lips looking perfect all night with the Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment in Fresh, which is has no tint. There are others available with a tint, as well. The formula is supposed to nourish and keep your lips moisturized for 24 hours. Great for wearing underneath your lipstick for moisture all night!

Plan for extra travel time. Especially here in Minnesota, our winters can be unpredictable with how icy or snowy the roads are. Make sure to plan in advance for a longer travel time, and make sure to remind guests to drive safely! Also, see if the venue has an option for valet parking. Some guests will not need it, but some may be grateful to be able to take advantage of the option.

Pick one venue. This is similar to the previous tip, but we advise to pick one venue and have both the ceremony and reception there, to cut back on the amount of time that people are travelling outside. Parking can be tough in the winter, and there is always a possibility that the roads and weather will worsen during the ceremony.

Don't be left in the dark. It gets darker earlier in the day, so make sure to plan accordingly. Plan photos earlier in the day and make sure the venue is well lit inside for when it gets dark around dinner time. Adding string lights or candles is a great way to add light in a romantic way.

Colors. Incorporate winter colors into your wedding scheme! Colors like burgundy, deep green, berry red, and gold are great colors to use. They look so pretty, especially during the holiday season. Pick out flowers with these colors, and have them placed inside for extra pops of color. 

The guests! Make sure the guests are staying warm and toasty while at your wedding. Having a hot cocoa bar (with baileys for 21+ guests) is a fun option for all ages. 

Coat checks. Everyone will be wearing a coat, so check with the venue ahead of time to make sure there is a quick way for guests to turn in their coats and retrieve them at the end of the night. 

Incorporate the holidays. If you feel inclined, incorporating the nearing holiday that you celebrate (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.) into the wedding is a cute and fun touch! Having a few of your holiday's songs on the song list, or decorations up (like a Christmas tree) is a subtle way to keep the holiday cheer.  

Ultimately, it is you and your partner's day to celebrate your eternal love. It will be great no matter what, but these tips may help you minimize the bumps in the road a long the way.