Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Posted by Edessa on May 23rd 2017

Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is a big step in the relationship. It shows a promise for a lifetime of commitment. And with this big step, choosing the right ring is very important. Every person has their own version of what they want to wear for the rest of their lives; or at least until the 10 or 20 year anniversary mark. We have some great tips for finding and buying the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. 

Pinterest, Pinterest, and Pinterest

There are a lot of women who have boards dedicated to jewelry; either ring styles, engagement rings or jewelry. This is a great place to start when figuring out the style your significant other likes. You can see the exact style she is attracted to and may love wearing. 

Pinterest Engagement Ring Board

Determine Her Overall Style

Pay attention to her style day in and day out. Does she wear simple clothes? Contemporary? Trendy? What type of jewelry does she normally wear? Is it simple and classic? Or is there an edge to the jewelry? These are all great indicators for knowing the type of engagement ring she may like. 

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Close Friends and Family

Pinterest is the easiest way to figure out the perfect engagement ring, but if she doesn't have a Pinterest account or her style is all over the place on Pinterest, then the best if not safest bet is her close friends and family. They will most likely know exactly what she wants. If they don't, then that's a perfect time to utilize them to find out for you. Family and close friends can go with her shopping and find out what she likes. 

Choose a Solitaire

And if you can't get much information from the above 3 suggested and trying to keep it a surprise, then a classic solitaire ring is the way to go. This allows you to keep it a surprise and you get to choose the diamond you want to give her. Once she says yes, both of you can come in together and select the engagement ring she loves. Sometimes, a classic solitaire is just perfect for the engagement ring. You can't go wrong because it showcases the diamond beautifully. 

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These are just some of the many tips to picking out the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. Pay attention she will always give subtle clues and it will be easy picking the right one. Shop our wide selection of engagement rings with different diamond shapes and ring styles.