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Wedding Ring Trends for 2018

It's that time of the year, Wedding Season, has kicked off and well under way. Many of those engaged and planned to be married in the upcoming months will be shopping for wedding rings. We decided to let you know what's trending in 2018 to help you narrow your choices down. 

Rose Gold

As we have mentioned in our other articles, rose gold is big and has been trending for a few years; but more so this year than ever before. It looks like it's here to stay for every type of jewelry especially wedding rings! And yes, that means even for men. Go for all rose gold or combine rose with white gold. There are great rose gold options for both men and women. 

     Rose & White Gold Hammered Diamond Wedding Ring


We've been talking about stackables the past year. Women love being able to stack a few thin diamond bands with their engagement ring. Adding more bling to their already sparkling engagement ring. Start with one for the wedding and add more for each passing occasion. 

Stackable Rings  

Plain Wedding Band (Comfort Fit, Flat, Milgrain, etc)

Timeless and always a favorite are plain wedding bands. There are so many different varieties of plain wedding bands and can be selected in any metal or color option. How can you go wrong? Plus, a lot of women love the option because it's something she can wear without her engagement ring. Another great option for both men and women.  

Plain Wedding Bands Plain Wedding Bands

Carved Wedding Bands

Right next to plain bands being popular, so are carved wedding bands. For women, it may be hand carved designed wedding bands giving a more vintage look. And for men, it's subtle carvings in the ring to give a tiny design, yet keeping it classic and timeless. 

White Gold Concave Wedding Ring  Carved Wedding Rings 14Kt White Gold Carved Wedding Band

These are just a few of the many styles for wedding bands. But they are definitely the favorites for 2018. Need more inspiration, shop our wedding bands or stop in for our Wedding Band Weekend event on March 22nd to 24th and view thousands of styles.