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Best Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a huge step, and sometimes it can be stressful choosing the perfect ring for the perfect partner. One style of ring that couples have been opting for are rose gold rings! Maybe it's from the rosé trend and/or how beautiful the color looks on so many women. The pretty pink rings make a great option for couples who are looking for something a little different. There are many to chose from, so we compiled a list of the best rose gold engagement rings one can choose, and all are available at Princess Jewelry!

Oval Diamond with Accents: This rose gold oval diamond engagement ring with accent diamonds is absolutely gorgeous! This ring so sparkly and has beautiful accents to create extra sparkle. Your partner is sure to love this classically beautiful design with the large oval diamond!

Rose Gold Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Vintage Floral: If you're looking for a different style ring, this vintage ring is a great contender! This ring has a beautiful oval diamond in the center, and beautiful floral-like accents with accent diamonds. We love the shape that the accents give the whole ring!

Rose Gold Floral Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Petal: Similar to the ring above, this ring has accents that look like petals on a flower! the rose gold in addition to the accent diamonds make for a beautiful ring with a floral vibe.

Rose Gold Petal Diamond Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Marquise Floral Vintage: Marquise-shaped diamonds are for those looking for something a little different in their engagement rings. The diamond shape is great for those who want the illusion of elongated hands and fingers! This ring is sure to wow everyone who sees it. 

Marquise Rose Gold Floral Vintage Ring

Hand Engraved Solitaire: This round cut diamond is set on a beautiful hand engraved band, which was crafted to perfection. We love how intricate and unique the band looks with the diamond centerpiece! 

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Regardless of which ring you choose, we're confident you will love any rose gold ring you decide on. The color is beautiful and perfect for anyone who loves the pink undertones or wants something a little different. Most rings come with a rose gold option, so all you have to do is ask! Shop our rose gold rings here.

Guide to the Best Lakeside Wedding

One of the best parts of living in Minnesota is being able to enjoy the 10,000 lakes our state has to offer. Minnesota summers at the lake with all of your friends and family is unlike anything else- it's practically our specialty. What if we told you we were able to wrap up all those fun elements to plan... the ultimate lakeside wedding! 

Well, you're in luck- we were able to participate in an awesome photo shoot that had all the best tips and tricks in creating a lakeside wedding. So, here's your guide to planning the best lakeside wedding:

Location: This one is pretty obvious- it'll be near a lake! This photo shoot was shot at the beautiful Minnetonka Yacht Club. This location was amazing- a small island on Lake Minnetonka but with plenty of space for guests. Like most know, evenings by the lake bring breathtaking sunsets that you and your guests can enjoy. Since there are so many lakes in Minnesota, one has a large number of options when choosing where to tie the knot! Any lake works- maybe the one that has the cabin you've been going to since you were a kid, or the one near your hometown! There are plenty of ways to make the location special to you and your significant other.

Invitations: The invitations that were done for the lakeside wedding were absolutely beautiful and absolutely doable! If you're a master calligrapher, this might be up your alley. If not, you can always seek out an expert or someone you know who can write well!

The invitations were on theme with the colors of the wedding: peach pink, darker pink, sea green, and white! The creator of the invitations drew a beautiful flower on top to match the flora of the wedding, and had colors to match. 

The Wedding Dress: The dress used in this photo shoot was absolutely stunning! For a lakeside wedding, dresses that are flowy, have floral accents, and lace detail go well with the theme. The dress used in this shoot was an A-line dress with a plunge neckline, beaded top portion, and a bit of a trailing train. The back was exposed and had gorgeous buttons and detailing! We loved how the dress looked with the back drop of the lake and scenery. 

Photos on theme: Something that we really loved that the photographer did for this shoot was take photos that were very on theme with a wedding by the lake. A few of our favorites included photos of the bride and groom in beach chairs, which were decorated and dressed up for the wedding! It is such a cute take on life on the lake and a great way to incorporate the theme into your wedding photos in a creative way. Another photo set which was done very well were the photos of the bride and groom on the dock! Such a simple shot that looked amazing with the contrast of the water and sky behind the couple. Another set that was genius on behalf of the photographer were the photos in the boating storage unit. Sounds like an unlikely location, but the photos looked amazing! The colors of the boating equipment with the bride and groom's nuptial attire was very aesthetically pleasing. The last shot we loved the photographer included were the bride and groom in the boating marina by the docked boats.Take a look!

Jewelry: The engagement rings and watches used in the photo shoot were all from us! The bride's ring is a vintage style ring with accents around the center diamond. The groom's ring is a two toned band, and his watch is from the Tempo Di Lugano watch collection. All pieces are classic and beautiful, and sure to be the perfect addition to your wedding day attire.

Shop engagement ring, wedding bands, and watch styles here!


Thank you for all those involved in this beautiful shoot. Huge credits to the following with their Instagram accounts so you can follow their amazing inspirational photos: 

planning, styling, + design // 
BTS photographer // 
photographer // 
BTS videographer // 
videographer // 
gowns // 
suits // 
flowers // 
hair + make up // 
cake // 
stationery // 
decor // 
catering // 
bride // 
groom // 
wood signage // 
dog // 
Wedding Planning Website // 

Five Pearl Pieces You Need in Your Wardrobe

When many think of pearls, they may think of the string of pearls their grandmother wore way back in the day. But, pearls have made a comeback and are better than ever! Pearls are a great way to class up an outfit or to give as a great gift to someone special. Pearl jewelry comes in many different fashions, so here is a guide to help you navigate five pieces you must have in your wardrobe.

For information on the different types of pearls and how they are formed, please click here.

#1. Pearl Drop Earrings. These pearl and diamond drop earrings are to die for! They are so classic and great for everyday wear. Buy these as a great present or keep them all for yourself. These go great with a fancy evening gown or a summer sundress. 

Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Earring

#2. Pearl Strand Bracelet. This bracelet is elegant and beautiful, and is a slightly different take on the classic pearl necklace. This bracelet can be an exquisite heirloom or keepsake that gets passed from generation to generation. Wear this stacked with other bracelets for a bangle effect, or alone to highlight the beautiful pearl color. 

Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet

#3. Pearl Ring. A pearl ring is not something one would think of, but it can really add some flair to your wardrobe. Add a pearl ring that fits your style- either a simple pearl on a band or a unique statement pearl ring. We really like this two tone pearl ring for everyday wear, or to wear on special occasions!

Freshwater Pearl Ring

#4. Pearl Pendant. A piece that is equally as dainty and classic as pearl drop earrings is a pearl pendant necklace! There is nothing better than a simple sparkly piece of jewelry to wear with almost everything, especially when the pearl is paired with diamonds, like the one below! makes a great anniversary or birthday present, too.

13MM South Sea Pearl & Diamond Pendant

#5. Pearl Brooch. This may not seem like a likely choice, but a pearl brooch done correctly can really add another level of class and style to an outfit. This pearl and diamond pendant can be worn in a lapel of a blazer, in a scarf to hold the ends together, strategically in your hair in an up-do, etc. 

14K White Brooch Mounting for Pearl

Shop more pearl jewelry, here

Victoria Beckham & Her Fourteen Engagement Rings

Over the decades, Victoria has been photographed wearing many different engagement rings- 14 to be exact! Her and her husband, David Beckham, got engaged back in 1998 and now have four children: Brooklyn, Romeo, Harper, and Cruz. The Beckham family are definitely fashion goals- probably because they get their fashionable looks from their mother! It is not surprising that Victoria has multiple engagement rings- she has always been recognized as a style icon and fashion mogul. Below are look a likes and descriptions of each of her beautiful engagement rings!

Back in 1998 when David Beckham was playing soccer (or football) for the English National Team and Victoria was Posh Spice, David proposed with a marquise-cut diamond set on a yellow gold band. Here’s a similar ring in white gold:

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

The second ring that Victoria was seen in was not too far after the wedding. In 2001 Victoria was seen in a simpler look- a diamond encrusted eternity band. This type of ring is a classic look that looks good on everyone! You cannot go wrong with this type of ring.

Platinum 4.55 ct tw Diamond Eternity Ring  Platinum 3-row 1.70 ct tw Diamond Eternity Ring

In 2003, Victoria was seen in a different engagement ring style- an emerald cut diamond ring with side baguette diamond accents.We really like the baguette-style for diamond accents. It adds another element of sparkle to the ring!

Diamond Baguette Engagement Ring

Pictured only a year after getting the previous ring, Victoria was seen in a pink champagne oval-cut diamond with a halo, which was gifted to her by her husband for her 30th birthday. This look is extremely unique, and if you like the color pink, is a subtle way to incorporate your favorite color into your engagement ring. Here is a lookalike:

Pink Diamond Oval Halo Ring  Oval Halo Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

In 2005, Victoria was seen in a pear cut, 17 carat ring with a diamond band. Pear shaped diamonds are very beautiful and trendy! When they are cut correctly, pear diamonds have lots of shine and sparkle. Below are a few of our favorite pear shaped diamond rings from Princess Jewelry.

 Pear Diamond Accent Engagement Ring  Pear Shape Halo Diamond Ring

In 2006, Victoria was sporting a ring similar to her ring from 2003- a yellow emerald cut ring with 3 bands encrusted in diamonds. This ring is super glamorous and different than a standard ring. We love the triple band to support the diamond- it is a great way to add some sparkle and bling to your already gorgeous ring! 

Triple Band Diamond Halo Engagement RingEmerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

In 2007, Victoria was seen in a cushion cut emerald and diamond ring. This type of ring was a change from the usual diamond centerpiece. Emeralds are known for their unique green color which stands for growth, reflection, peace, and balance. This is a great ring if you are looking for an engagement ring that is a little different than what is normally done. 

Emerald Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement RingEmerald Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

In 2008, Victoria was pictured in a radiant-cut diamond ring that was rumored to be financed at around half a million dollars. This style ring is a classically beautiful ring that can withstand the age of time. Get one with a halo for extra sparkle! Here are a few lookalikes:

White Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement RingWhite Gold Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

In 2009, Victoria was seen in a ring that looked similar to her emerald ring, except this one was made of ruby! Ruby’s are an elegant deep red color that symbolize love, passion, power, and a zest for life. Ruby’s are a great alternative to diamonds if you are looking for something different. You cannot go wrong with the elegant red color! Pictured below is a ruby ring with diamond accents. And the following year, in 2010, Victoria was seen in another colored gemstone- she was pictured at multiple events in an oval cut sapphire with a diamond encrusted band. Sapphires are a very popular alternative to diamonds in engagement rings. The deep blue color compliments almost everything! We're seeing a trend for halo style engagement rings. 

Ruby Halo Diamond Engagement RingSapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Later that same year, she was also seen in an emerald cut pink diamond with a diamond encrusted band. We love how each ring is slightly different from the last and her incorporating colored gemstones and diamonds! After a couple years in 2015, Victoria was seen back to the basics in a round cut halo ring with a diamond band. This style is extremely popular with couples getting engaged. 

Pink Diamond Halo Engagement RingDiamond Halo Engagement Ring

In 2016, Victoria was seen in a simpler square diamond on a pave band. We love how she switches her looks from extravagant to more simple! And finally, in 2018 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Victoria was seen wearing a new engagement ring- a square-cut yellow diamond set on a platinum band. 

Cathedral Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring Yellow Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

How can you get bored of all your engagement rings when you have 14 of them? She has been seen in all of them at least once over the many years! We will see if she debuts any additional engagement rings in the future. For now, if you want to add to your collection of engagement rings. Shop our engagement ring collections here

Model Izabel Goulart Gets Engaged

Victoria Secret's model Izabel Goulart, 33, recently got engaged to soccer player Kevin Trapp, 28! The two were all smiles as they shared a super sweet video on their Instagram accounts showing off the beautiful ring with the caption “Soon to be Mrs. Trapp!”

Izabel is originally from Brazil and and has been dating Kevin since 2015. Kevin is originally from Germany and is a goalie for the Paris Saint-Germain soccer team. The two have a post-engagement glow as they celebrate their engagement and also Kevin’s 28th birthday in Mykonos, Greece. 

The engagement ring is an emerald cut diamond in the center with two diamond baguettes on either side, set in a white gold band. We have identical pieces at Princess Jewelry, shop here! Congratulations to those two! 

White Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring White Gold 3-Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Summer Wedding Jewelry Guide

It's HOT out there today and it's the middle of summer, which means wedding season is upon us! Going to many weddings throughout the summer can get repetitive, so we have come up with a list to help you switch up your jewelry, while still staying on trend for Summer ‘18. Scroll down to check out a few looks we love that are also available at Princess Jewelry!

Classic Hoops:

Hoops have definitely made a comeback into the world of accessorizing. We can see why- they go with almost everything! Get them in classic sterling silver, encrusted in little diamonds, or opt for something a little more quirky, like these geometric shape hoops available on our website. You can wear these versatile pieces with everyday looks as well!

Sterling Silver Basic Hoop EarringsSterling Silver Triple Hoop EarringsDiamond Hoop Earrings

Tennis Bracelets:

Tennis bracelets are timeless. They really do go with everything, and are a nice way to add some sparkle to your summer-wedding outfit! Because they are so dainty and light, they are the perfect for summer. Shop tennis bracelets here:

14Kt White Gold 5.0 ct tw Diamond Tennis Bracelet  Emerald Tennis Bracelet   

Statement Rings:

Statement rings are a good way to pull together an outfit. Done correctly, it can really make an outfit look polished and put together! At Princess Jewelry, we have a large collection of very unique statement rings. Below are our favorites:

Rose Gold 0.50 Ct Tw Diamond Geometric Ring  Ruby Diamond Statement Ring


Pearl jewelry is a good way to accessorize with a light summer dress that one might wear to a wedding in the summer! You can get them in simple studs, or elegant drop earrings! Here are few we love:

Pearl Jewelry


Bangles are a cute way to accessorize with one or multiple bracelets. They are dainty, which are perfect for summer, and can be stacked with other jewelry. Bangles range from simple to very intricate, so there are many to choose from! Shop here for bangles:  

7.05 Ct Tw Round & Baguette Diamond Bracelet  Baguette & Round Diamond Bracelet 2.10 Ct Tw

Bangle Bracelets

Drop Earrings:

Lastly, we think drop earrings are the perfect earring for a special occasion like a wedding. Drop earrings look amazing on everyone, and are the perfect way to dress up a beautiful dress. We have many kinds at Princess Jewelry:

Diamond Drop Earrings 2.88 Ct Tw Moonstone, Tahitian Pearls, & Diamond Drop Earrings0.23Ct Tw Diamond & South Sea Cultured Pearl Earrings

Wedding season is busy but ultimately one of the best, because we get to celebrate a couple’s eternal love. Let us know which of our pieces of jewelry are your favorite to wear during wedding season! We think you’ll love these options- and so will the other guests!

Blog cover photo was from a style shoot we participated in. All involved included: 


planning, styling, + design // POPPATI WEDDINGS & EVENTS


photographer // AMINDA VILLA

BTS videographer // LOGAN CHELMO




flowers // BACHMAN'S

hair + make up // BELLA ON THE BAY


stationery // KRISTINA DESIGNZ


catering // THE CATERERS


groom // KALEB SMITH

wood signage // BUBBLY VIBES


Your Guide to a Boho Chic Wedding

It’s the greatest time of the year- wedding season! There are many different types of weddings one can have, it all depends on the couple’s personality and vision for their big day. One very popular wedding theme is a boho wedding: we were recently asked to have our jewelry highlighted in a boho wedding themed photoshoot and we absolutely fell in love with the wedding details. Because of that, we decided to make a blog post for any of you who would like some boho wedding-inspo! (or if you generally just really like stunning wedding photos, which we totally get!)

The Location: A large part of what makes a boho wedding is the nature that is incorporated into the wedding. Large bouquets with overflowing foliage and flora, outdoor greenery where the eye can meet, floral centerpieces, etc. This location is at the Outing Lodge in Stillwater, MN. The more flowers/greenery the better! You can even incorporate the greenery into the bride’s accessories- like this green headpiece pictured below. It’s a great way to make the day feel even more magical and breathtaking. Here are a few of our favorite photos:

The Outing Lodge  The Bees Knees Floral

The Bees Knees Floral The Bees Knees Floral

The Dress: One of the most exciting parts of the wedding process is choosing the wedding dress! Boho dresses tend to have lots of intricate beading/lace/details. We love boho dresses that are flowy and princess-like. You really cannot go wrong with any style of dress you choose- whichever you feel most confident and comfortable in! You can find detail and handcrafted beading in almost any style of dress, so the theme is very versatile and easy! The dresses that model, Grace Mandich wore are from Annika Bridal in Edina. Here are a few of our favorite dresses:

Annika Bridal  Annika Bridal

 Annika Bridal

Annika Bridal- Boho Wedding Dress

Beauty: Boho wedding makeup can be as natural and dramatic as one pleases, depending on the dress you choose! A bold lip with natural eyes, pinky hues, etc., can be used to achieve a whimsical and stunning look. We love the deep maroon lip used in this shoot, especially since it was a fall photo shoot. It’s easy to tie in the colors of the season into the bridal beauty since nature is such a big part of the boho look. Make up and hair was done by the very talented Viktoriyah Taskayeva and Ande St Michael. 

Viktoriyah Taskayeva  


The Rings: Boho rings usually have a more vintage style to them, with lots of details. We loved seeing our rings featured in this shoot. The first one is a classic vintage piece with details around the ring. The second ring is a rose gold “vine” piece, with diamond details. We loved how the band looked like a vine, which tied into the floral theme of the wedding. The last ring is a timeless pear shaped halo ring with diamond details. Absolutely beautiful! The groom was wearing a hammered white gold wedding band to compliment the bride’s ring. Below are the pictures, listed in order. And you can find all three rings in our store or online! 

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring - Princess Jewelry Rose Gold Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear Shape Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Hammered Men's Wedding Band

Boho weddings are so beautiful and hopefully this gives you a look on how to plan your boho wedding! We love seeing our client’s weddings come together with the beautiful rings they select from our store! At Princess Jewelry, we have a wide selection of wedding rings to go with your boho wedding (or any style wedding.) Whether it is a vintage style or classic look, we are confident that we can accommodate to your needs. Shop here for a ring we are sure you’ll love! 


Thank you for all those involved in this beautiful shoot. Huge credits to the following with their Instagram accounts so you can follow their amazing inspirational photos: 

Models: Grace Mandich & Nick Reints (@grace_mandich and @nickreints)

Florals: Sharaya (@fernandfloret - previously @thebeeskneesfloral)

Macrame: Emma & Sarah (@knotandivy)

Makeup: Viktoriyah (@viktoriyah_taskayeva)

Hair: Ande (@andeismeraki)

Bridal: Annika Bridal (@annikabridal)

Stationary - Invite: Jillian (@doodlesbyjillian)

Signage: Abby (@Heartwritten_decor)

Place: The Outing Lodge (@outinglodge)

Photographer: Noukee Fleischmann (@noukeefleisch

Photographers: Annika Parks (@annikaparks_studio)

The Proposal Heard Around the World: Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber Get Engaged

Over the weekend Justin Bieber shocked the world by popping the big question to his girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin. The pair have actually known each other since 2011, and have been friends since. They denied being anything more than friends until 2016, when Bieber posted pictures of the couple kissing that confirmed they were, in fact, dating. This earned them the celeb couple nickname “jailey.” The two split, but have been seen since the beginning of summer showing major PDA in Miami and New York, confirming that they were once again dating.

News broke early on Sunday that Justin proposed while the two were on vacation in the Bahamas. Apparently there were witnesses to the proposal which was done at the restaurant they were eating dinner at. The following day, Hailey and Justin were photographed hanging with locals at a resort in the Bahamas… and Hailey had a big rock on her finger! Justin’s Dad, Jeremy Bieber, also posted a picture of Justin with the caption, “@justinbieber Proud is an understatement! Excited for the next chapter!” Hailey’s Dad, Stephen Baldwin, also took to twitter to share his support with the tweet, ““Sweet smile on my face! Me&wife (Kennya) Always pray 4 gods will!! He is moving in the hearts of JB&HB. Let’s all pray for His will to be done,” he wrote alongside the hands-in-prayer emoji. “Love you 2 so much!!!”” The tweet has since been deleted.

Some eyes turned to see how Selena Gomez would react, as her and Bieber have had an on-again-off-again rollercoaster of a relationship since around 2010. The relationship is a little hard to follow, with lots of breakups and getting back together. The most recent episode of getting back together was actually just this past March. Selena seems unfazed, though, as she posted a picture of her relaxing on a boat after the engagement rumors sparked.

Anyways- Hailey’s ring looks like absolutely stunning! The ring has a large oval shaped diamond, roughly around 6.0 carats, and definitely extremely clean in color and clarity. The diamond is set in a white gold band with accent diamonds. Below is the link to similar styles at our store. What are your thoughts on the engagement? Are you happy for the young couple or do you think it was too fast? Let us know!

Shop here: Bieber/Baldwin Look Alike Rings

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring White Gold Oval Diamond Engagement RingOval Diamond Bridal Set

Royal Jewelry: Meghan Markle Style

Now that Meghan Markle has been a Princess for about a month and a half, we are able to see how her personal style shows through while she takes on the role of Duchess of Sussex. Meghan has been seen at numerous events since her big day- events like Prince Charles’ 70th birthday patronage and the opening of Mersey Gateway Bridge with Her Majesty the Queen. Fans of the Royal Family have noticed Meghan’s style to continuously be minimalist and chic. We love how she chooses pieces that she enjoys, while still maintaining the classy and sophisticated looks needed for a Princess. Here are a few of our pieces that look like the ones Meghan wears!

One of Meghan’s most obvious recent new pieces is her engagement ring! Prince Harry chose a three stone ring set in a yellow gold band. Two of the diamonds are actually from Princess Diana’s collection, and the main diamond is apparently from Botswana, where Harry visited regularly growing up. The ring was given to Meghan when Harry proposed in November of 2017. Here are a few lookalikes:

Three Stone Oval Diamond Ring  White Gold 3-Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Another look we are seeing from Meghan are dainty earrings. She has strayed from the bold and colorful looks often worn by the Royal Family and has gone for trendier pieces! Here are a few of our favorite dainty little earrings that you can sport:

Rose Gold Diamond Petite Marquise Earrings           White Gold Pear Shape Diamond Earrings White Gold Double Leaf Earrings

Meghan has been seen in additional rings to compliment her engagement ring. She has many stackable bands -many of them very on-brand- dainty and thin! She likes to stick with warm yellow gold jewelry, so many of the rings are yellow gold or have matching accents. Here are a few of our favorite stackable rings you can buy for yourself!

White Gold Heart Stackable Ring  Rose Gold Infinity Inspired Stackable Ring White Gold Diamond Stackable Ring

Meghan continues to wow the world with her elegance and poise as she takes on this new role. We love her jewelry choices and are confident you can find similar pieces here at Princess Jewelry; under jewelry.

Synthetic vs. Genuine Diamonds: Which is Better?

The big debate these days is between genuine natural grown and mined diamonds versus lab-grown diamonds. We're going to lay out the difference between the two types of diamonds and go in depth between the two processes to let you decide on your own which type of diamond you may want in your jewelry collection. 

Diamonds have been a symbol of luxury and wealth for many centuries. A few historians have said that diamond mining and trading dates back to as early as B.C.. Diamonds have been appreciated for many centuries, but only in the last 50 years has there been in influx of research on diamond formation, how they get to the earth’s surface, etc. Genuine stones take thousands of years to be created through extreme pressure and heat. They come to the earth’s surface through natural processes like volcanic eruption, or manually, through diamond mining. Many people do not know that mining genuine diamonds are not the only ways to obtain a diamond. Scientists have created a process to man-make synthetic diamonds in a laboratory. It is not as new as one would think either- synthetic diamond creation has been around since the 1950s. There are essentially no differences in how both kinds of diamonds look to the naked eye. To tell the difference between the two, one would need heavy duty equipment in a gem lab.

An obvious difference in genuine and synthetic diamonds are how they are produced. Synthetic diamonds are grown in a lab. A genuine diamond lives in the earth’s mantle for thousands of years under extreme pressure and heat, slowly making its’ way closer to the earth’s surface to be mined. The process for mining diamonds is very long and takes lots of manpower. There are different types of mining: diamond pipe mining and alluvial diamond mining. Diamond pipe mining consists of miners locating areas where they will find diamonds in the ground. Shanks are then inserted into the ground at the ore-bearing pipes to get deep enough into the earth’s surface to find diamonds. Large parts of the soil are extracted and taken off-site to a plant to be sifted through and sorted. Alluvial diamond mining is when areas with water (places like riverbanks, beaches, etc.) are cleared of their water with walls and diversions and the soil is again taken off-site and sifted through for rough diamonds.

Diamond mining

There are many schools of thought on whether genuine and synthetic diamonds should be treated as the same thing. A “Rare is Real” campaign began in 2017 that focused on the only true way to buy jewelry: purchasing genuine diamonds. To followers of this campaign and school of thought, synthetic diamonds are only replicas of the real thing, missing the rarity and preciousness that a real diamond has after being crafted over thousands of years deep in the earth. Since synthetic diamonds can be made in a lab, they generally cost less than a genuine diamond. Also, they are becoming easier and quicker to make, the value of the synthetic diamonds will get cheaper over time. Many different diamond companies and large jewelry companies have expressed their commitment to genuine diamonds staying at the forefront of the diamond industry.

On the flip side, there are some who argue that synthetic diamonds are an environmentally-friendly alternative. They see genuine diamond mining as disruptive and harmful to the ecosystem and topsoil of the earth, since mining more often than not results in large holes remaining in the earth’s surface. To synthetic diamond supporters, there is no difference between the two kinds of diamonds, so why not choose the less expensive and environmentally-friendly option? Especially now, when millennials are trying to be as conscious of the environment as possible, it seems like a better option for some. We know synthetic diamonds are made in a lab, but what are the actual processes used to create these diamonds? There are two different ways to synthetically create diamonds. The first process is by high pressure high temperature (HPHT) which imitates a natural diamond formation in the earth, but with carefully chosen materials to grow the diamond quicker. This process was created in the 1950’s and was thought to be the only way to create a diamond in a lab. A few years after the HPHT process was created, though, a new process was announced: chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which involved growing diamonds through a heated mixture of a hydrocarbon gas and hydrogen in a vacuum chamber at low pressures, almost like a 3D printer printing layers of diamond to create a whole one.

There are certain things to consider for both synthetic and genuine diamond processes. For example, are the HPHT and CVD processes actually environmentally-friendly? The definition for something to be environmentally-friendly is that it reduces, minimizes, or puts no harm upon ecosystems or the environment. This definition does not entirely match up with the processes used to create synthetic diamonds. The process to create synthetic diamonds are certainly not helping the environment, and one could even argue that the factories where the synthetic diamonds are being made and the energy being used to make the diamonds cause some harm to the environment. Most who are on board with a synthetic diamond hold on to the fact that the process of making synthetic diamonds does not include creating massive holes and does not physically disrupt the earth.

A controversial aspect of genuine mining are blood diamonds, or conflict diamonds, as they are sometimes referred to as. A blood diamond is a diamond that has been mined in a warzone, under horrible conditions. This phrase was coined in the late 1990’s when this controversial issue became increasingly more public. It became public knowledge that mines in countries like the Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, etc., were being taken over by militia groups and turned to fund violence against their citizens. People in these countries were forced to work under inhumane working conditions, sifting and digging through the mining areas for diamonds just so they could have the opportunity to provide for their families. Most were threatened, beaten, and forced to mine, or they faced the possibility of worsened torture. Often, rebel groups in these countries were responsible for these actions, but sometimes mining companies and governments were also responsible. In 2003, an effort called the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was introduced. The KPCS imposed extensive requirements for the countries to be certain all shipments had rough diamonds that were ‘conflict-free.’ They also wanted to prevent blood diamonds from entering the trade. These monstrosities becoming more public led to some diamond consumers to turn to purchasing synthetic diamonds, to make sure their diamonds were not mined in violence.

A new way to prevent blood diamonds from entering the diamond trade is using blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is something that is being used by various types of industries world wide as a ledger to keep track of all transactions/movement of an item. At the beginning of this year, the powerhouse diamond mining company called De Beers announced that they were beginning to use blockchain technology to track a diamond from the point of being mined all the way to when it is in the hand of the consumer. This ensures consumers and diamond companies that their diamonds are conflict-free. 

Two paths to the same thing: getting a diamond. Genuine and synthetic diamonds both have pros and cons, and ultimately it depends on what is important to the diamond consumer. Genuine mining has its own baggage, facing issues like violence and being harmful for the environment. Many campaigns like the ‘Real is Rare” campaign are targeted at millennial-aged consumers, because they are mostly the ones opting to buy synthetic diamonds to try and lower their carbon footprint. As more research is done on the process of how synthetic diamonds are made and what it takes to make them, more will see that the process is not entirely consistent with the definition of what it means to be eco-friendly. Though the diamond industry has been around for centuries, it still continues to grow, mature, and tailor to the ever changing world we live in. 

What will you do when you decide on buying a diamond. Will you buy natural mined diamonds or lab-grown diamonds? We hope this has educated you further on both processes and the value of both types of diamonds.